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Sam Kouzarides

With a background in nature conservation and a lifelong love of wild places and the skills needed to navigate them, Sam has been leading groups of people of all ages into the wild places of England and abroad for over 10 years. 


In his roles as director and facilitator for Circlewise and instructor for WildWise Sam works mostly with groups of teenagers on nature-based mentoring and rites of passage programs. He also teaches nature studies and wilderness skills, holds Way of Council circles in schools and colleges and leads trips on foot and by canoe into the wilds of Dartmoor and the Dart estuary.

Sam set up a small community on a piece of land off the edge of Dartmoor in 2019 and enjoys tending the land, holding groups and the benefits of community life.


Sam first visited the Ju/Hoansi in the Kalahari at the end of 2016 before the inception of The Old Way and has been part of the leadership team on The Old Way and Kalahari expeditions ever since. 


As well as a deep fascination in the tracking and wildlife elements of the expedition, Sam is passionate about the cultural and intergenerational aspect of the experience. With a love of games, play and music he’ll often be found playing games with the children or playing music round the fire.

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