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Projects We Support

We take seriously the tracks we leave behind on this journey. Our team has built relationships with this community for nearly a decade. We will not just be consuming an experience, but instead nurture these connections through three social, ecological and cultural projects in the NyaeNyae conservancy in Namibia. 


  • The San Master Tracker Project

  • Permaculture Gardens

  • Tuberculosis Soup Kitchen.


Profits from our expeditions go to funding these initiatives and other vital services which support the Ju/Hoansi San Bushmen families and villages in the greater region. Being part of a mixed economy the local communities also benefit greatly from our groups visiting as we provide a crucial income. The intention of these projects is for the Ju /Hoansi to become independent and self reliant and not dependent of any outside help and this built into the design of them, whether in getting the trackers qualified through the ‘San Master Tracker Project’ or training more Community Gardening Advisors in the Permaculture gardening project.  

The San Master Tracker Project

Tracking skills are a vital source of information about human evolution, and science but this knowledge is fast dying out.  It represents a unique part of humanity’s cultural heritage and we would suffer a permanent and irreplaceable loss if they vanished. The project creates employment opportunities for indigenous San Master Trackers in the Kalahari to ensure that tracking skills will not die out and support so that invaluable tracking expertise is passed on to the younger generations in the region. 

San Master Trackers

Permaculture Gardens

Supporting the Ju/’hoansi bushmen communities to establish permaculture gardens for growing vegetables, fruits and dryland crops. This project improves livelihoods, food security and nutrition, helps to combat the effects of climate change, and to improve their nutritional resilience to the TB epidemic.. Gardens have been established in 26 villages, Community Gardening Advisors trained to teach others, tools and fencing equipment bought and many other contributions. Much of the food grown are traditional bush foods that have cultural significance.

Permaculture Gardens

Tuberculosis Soup Kitchen

Since we've been visiting the San we've witnessed a lot of suffering caused by the TB epidemic. It's not possible to take the medicine on an empty stomach and there is no government safety net for TB patients. The TB Soup Kitchen provides two hot meals a day to patients who would otherwise go hungry and who couldn't take their medicine. It also provides meals for others in need, such as the destitute or elderly in the local town of Tsumkwe who have lost their families or communities.  

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