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The Expedition

Join us on an unforgettable adventure deep into the heart of the Kalahari desert where you'll learn directly from the descendants of some of the first humans, the Ju/Hoansi San bushmen. Their culture has sustained for over 100,000 years, making them the oldest culture on Earth.

Our expeditions offer 10 days deep immersion in the Kalahari basin living with and learning from this community, followed by a thrilling 4 x 4 safari in the Etosha National Park. These trips are not just about sightseeing;  they are about gaining profound insights and exploring the art of tracking, deep nature connection and cultural exchange in an immersive environment.

2024 Dates: October 27th-November 12th

Cost: £2850 GBP / $3850 USD (airfare not included)


Our experienced team of guides, master trackers, bushcraft experts, cultural heritage enthusiasts and sustainable tourism advocates will be alongside every step of the way. 


By being part of Tracking the Kalahari, you will also directly contribute to the Ju/’Hoansi communities through the positive social impact of initiatives that we support such as the San Master Tracker Project, Permaculture Gardens, and a TB Soup Kitchen for families and individuals affected by tuberculosis.

Join us on this adventure to the Kalahari and let the magic of this ancient land and its people, inspire and transform you.

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The Kalahari Experience

Days in the Kalahari begin and end in twilit paradise: that’s when everything happens.  We will be spending our time soaking up and participating in the local culture, while also learning about  the ways their old ways are melding with the contemporary challenges they face.  


You'll have the chance to make a hand drill friction fire using wood from the mangeti bush, gather roots and find water in desert plants, craft ostrich shell jewellery in the joyful company of the women and children, set snares and learn to track and trail the stories of leopard, kudu and lion in the sand. 

We'll break into small groups and head off into the bush at dawn to shadow the bow-hunters on the trail of antelope, occasionally they will shoot an animal with their poisoned arrows and then begins the long wait for the poison to take effect before the trailing begins.


It is an extraordinary honour and privilege to witness these skills that humans have honed over millennia and that still survive in this remote corner of the planet.

We all eat together in the evening in a big circle made up of small huddles of enthusiastic conversation, as the days go by our two groups become more and more integrated thanks to the layout of the camp and the food sharing.  The food gives way to informal singing and storytelling from whoever wants to offer something; there is something unique that happens every night!

What you'll experience

Cultural exchange: The San Bushmen possess profound knowledge of their environment and survival skills honed over thousands of years. You'll have the opportunity to learn directly from them, gaining insights into their cultural practices, traditions, and their way of life. You will also bring a lot to satiate their curiosity about our group and our ways of living! It is a true cultural exchange.

Wildlife Tracking Skills: Tracking has been, and still is, an essential skill for the San Bushmen, and you'll have the chance to learn the art of tracking from the masters themselves. Discover how to read animal tracks, interpret signs in the landscape, and understand the interconnectedness of the wildlife of this region. Our skilled staff team will also be supporting the tracking curriculum on this trip, bringing a wealth of tracking experience and knowledge from both our home countries and time spent in Southern Africa.

Nature Connection: The Kalahari is a place of incredible biodiversity and natural beauty. We'll help you deepen your connection with nature, develop a keen sense of observation, and discover the hidden wonders of the desert.

Plant and Animal Identification: The Kalahari is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species. Learn to identify plants, understand their uses, and appreciate the delicate balance of the ecosystem.

Firemaking: Fire is crucial for survival in the desert, and we'll teach you the ancient art of firemaking using traditional methods. Practice the skill of creating fire through friction and understand the significance of fire in this part of the world.

Songs, Stories, and Dances: Immerse yourself in the vibrant cultural heritage of the San Bushmen through their songs, stories, and dances. Participate in joyful celebrations and connect with the rhythm of their music, which is deeply intertwined with their spiritual beliefs and rooted in their landscape.

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Etosha Safari - 2 Days

Having spent time with the Ju/Hoansi San, we will have become familiar the tracks and signs of many African animals.  While we will have percieved their presence around us, we may not have glimpsed many of them in a live sighting. 

A trip all the way to Namibia isn't complete without visiting a national park to see these animals up close, so after a day or so re-adjusting back into modern life, we embark on a self-drive 4 x 4  safari in Etosha National Park in Northern Namibia - a wildlife enthusiast's paradise - where we're likely to watch most of Africa's incredible fauna in its natural ecology.

With its dry winters and plentiful watering holes, Etosha attracts a remarkable variety of wildlife, including 114 mammal species and 340 bird species. During the rainy season, migratory birds flock to the Etosha Pan, attracted by the lush grasses and abundant food sources.

Embarking on an Etosha safari is like stepping into a wildlife documentary. As well as big cats such as lions, leopards and cheetahs, you may see white or even a rare black rhino.  Witness zebras, giraffes, rhinos, antelopes, and elephants congregating around waterholes, creating an awe-inspiring sight. Venture further and we might encounter massive herds of blue wildebeest, forming a mesmerizing spectacle.

Food & Drink

We believe in creating a sense of community and shared experiences, including when it comes to food and cooking. We engage in a participatory approach where participants have the opportunity to contribute to the culinary journey.

Picture a campfire setting where everyone gathers around, sharing stories and laughter while preparing meals together. It's a chance to bond with your fellow adventurers and learn from one another as you embark on this incredible journey through the Kalahari.

We will provide the necessary cooking equipment for everyone to use and will use simple local ingredients, doing our utmost to cater for dietary needs. Our staff will offer guidance and assistance throughout, ensuring that everyone feels comfortable and confident in their cooking abilities whether you're a seasoned outdoor cook or new to the experience.

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