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TB Soup Kitchen

Supporting the recovery of TB patients by providing nutritious meals, tackling malnutrition and the devastating impact of tuburculosis among the San Bushmen


The TB soup kitchen project is a vital initiative that supports the recovery of TB patients in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy. It aims to address the critical struggle faced by the Ju’/hoansi, the San people, against tuberculosis—a treatable and preventable disease.


Since we've been visiting the San we've witnessed a lot of suffering caused by the TB epidemic. It's not possible to take the medicine on an empty stomach and there is no government safety net for TB patients. The TB soup kitchen provides two hot meals a day to patients who would otherwise go hungry and who couldn't take their medicine. It also provides meals for others in need such as the destitute or elderly in Tsumkwe who have lost their families or communities.  

TB, being the leading cause of death from any infectious disease worldwide, poses a significant threat to the San culture. With four strains of TB in the region, it is crucial to take action. The project collaborates with organizations and doctors on the ground to ensure that the funds raised are directed to the right people at the right time.

Government funding covers the distribution of medicines through the clinic in Tsumkwe, but it does not provide accommodation or food for the patients. This is where the TB soup kitchen project steps in, filling the gap by offering nutritious meals to support the recovery process. However, the soup kitchen is currently facing massive funding cuts, and it requires £500 a month to continue providing this essential service. We have previously raised over £11,000 as a crowdfunder but the project requires ongoing support.

The project also emphasizes the importance of testing and education in controlling infectious diseases. An outreach team conducts testing and education in remote villages, identifying TB in its early stages to limit its spread within the communities. This team requires £300 a month to carry out its operations effectively.

The TB soup kitchen project, with its focus on providing nutritious meals, supporting testing and education, and promoting food security, plays a crucial role in the fight against tuberculosis and in safeguarding the well-being and cultural heritage of the San people in the Nyae Nyae Conservancy.

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