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Tracking The Kalahari

Wildlife Adventure & Cultural Immersion
Nyae Nyae, Namibia
October 27th - November 12th 2024

Journey into the Kalahari

Join us on an unforgettable 2 week adventure where you'll learn from the Ju/Hoansi San Bushmen in the Kalahari, one of the oldest cultures on Earth.


Immerse yourself in their ways of life, from tracking and bowhunting to connecting with nature in a profound way.  We also visit the Etosha National Park for a 4 x 4 safari adventure.


We've been running our expeditions since 2017, welcoming curious explorers, wildlife enthusiasts, naturalists, trackers and anyone who craves a deeper understanding of our complex and inter-connected world. 


Louis Liebenberg on Tracking

Take a look at the Nyae Nyae Expedition 2019

"When I joined Tracking the Kalahari I wasn't aware of how significant its role is in the continuation of the culture and indigenous skills and wisdom of the San Bushmen in Namibia. It is pioneering a model of cultural exchange that honours their incredible depth of connection to the land and skill in reading it and living in harmony with it. It is initiated by and co-created with their community to inspire their younger generations to learn these skills too so they can creatively evolve their culture to their new reality, maintaining as much connection as possible. It is an incredible honour to be able to spend time with these elders in potentially the greatest concentration of these skills in the world, particularly as many of the master trackers with these skills are dying without having passed these skills and ways of being to the younger generations."

Participant 2019

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